Starting a New Chapter…

It has been 3.5 years since my last post. Wow, so much has changed, the whole planet has changed since then.

After several weeks of pondering, I have decided to start writing again. This blog has been such a comfort to me, a source of so many friendships and my creative outlet. It gave me a reason to step out of my comfort zone and experience things I probably would have shied away from otherwise.

This will be my final post as “English Wife, Indian Life” (we are still very happily married), I am not completely sure of the direction I am going with this. I do know I am going on another adventure and I want to document it here. It is time to start a new chapter.

Sending lots of love,

Lauren xx



  1. So nice to hear from you once again Lauren! (And also really glad that you’re still happily married!) Looking forward to seeing what direction you take the blog in.


  2. Oh, Lauren, I have missed your posts so much and am so sorry it is your last post. Can’t wait to see what comes next but will miss hearing about your marriage and your interesting life. Take care, so glad you appeared again. ❤ ellen


  3. It’s nice that you are back to writing and even nicer to hear that your still happily married. Take care. With best wishes for the new year !


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