Baby’s First Friend: Episode 1

My name is Alfonso and I have a story to tell. When I was a puppy, my mummy would carry me around everywhere and it made me feel important. She gave me lots of cuddles, walks and attention. I was her fluffy baby and no one could come between us.

1-alfonso-8 baby's first friend

I lived like a king, I could go into any room I wanted to. I was the most popular person you’ve ever met, everyone in our locality knows my name.

I got away with mischief and was always the center of attention when we had visitors.

Everyone would tell me how cute I am (pretty obvious, I know).


Then something weird happened, mummy started crying with happiness after she did a wee on a stick. I wee on sticks all the time… what’s was the big deal? I’ll never know. Humans are weird.

Slowly, she started putting on weight. It’s not very fair, I wish I was allowed to eat as much as she did. I didn’t mind though, she became much cosier to sleep on.


Then her weight gain got out of control, she got so fat, she had to leave. I’m guessing she couldn’t fit through the front door anymore, so she had to live somewhere else until she lost some weight.

I didn’t know what as going on.

I was well looked after and still got all my walks and treats, but I did miss the constant attention from my mummy.


When she came back I was so excited! Moments later, my world crashed down when I realised she was carrying and cuddling a new baby… how could she do this to me?

The betrayal!

She said she expected me to be constantly trying to play with the new baby because I am usually so fond of babies, but I couldn’t even look at him!

Several dark days followed, she tried to talk to me but I didn’t want to talk to her.


I wasn’t allowed in the bedroom anymore, and there were loads of new toys I wasn’t allowed to play with. Even my daddy didn’t have as much time for me. We would go out for walks together, but the new baby had to come too…

Visitors wanted to see the new baby and tell the new baby how cute he is, instead of me.

Who could overlook this beautiful face?


After a couple of weeks, the new baby wanting to talk to me.

He is a bit slow, can’t even walk yet (I could walk since I was two weeks old). I don’t know what his excuse is, just not as talented as me I guess. We can’t all be as fabulous as Alfonso. So I gave him a chance.


He’s not so bad I guess, the new baby has slowly grown on me. I’ve even started to feel a bit protective over him. I will have to admit, he is quite cute. Not wrinkly enough, in my humble opinion, but a member of the pack nonetheless.


The new baby likes me and that is starting to become the only thing that matters. He is always reaching out towards me, smiling and even barks when he can’t see me.

Someone thinks I am the cutest in the family again, finally!

alfonso-5 baby's first friend

It took me a while to get used to the idea of being a big brother, and we are still not allowed to play with each other as much as we’d like (I didn’t want to have to bring it up again but, he still can’t walk).

I am now happy to share the role of cutest in the family and be baby’s first friend.
Baby’s First Friend: Episode 2


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  1. Love this! Made my morning! The relationship between dogs and kids is really special. When I was giving birth to Saira and had to be rushed away in an ambulance my dog Gravey tried to come to the hospital with me. When I brought her home he sniffed at the top of her head, wagged his tail and plonked himself down next to her for guard dog duty. He didn’t leave her side hardly ever – she was like the best, most important bone ever and he barked whenever anyone came in the room (sometimes waking her up!). He lived to the ripe old age of 18 which is pretty ancient for a dog and we miss him loads. As Saira got bigger he used to put up with all sorts of ear pulling and abuse without so much as a growl and was always gentle. She is desperate to get another dog now she is big but for now we have settled for auntie’s dog next door and take him out and play.
    I had to explain to her that all dogs are not as friendly as Gravey – whenever she sees a street dog she wants to pet it (and take it home!) and there was a few close calls with mangey mutts and near nipped fingers!


  2. Cute story! I have a similar one with my cat and baby but it hasn’t gone as well, and she hated the baby on sight. Now she hates us all and has to be kept in a separate part of the house when the baby is awake. I don’t think she’ll ever forgive us for what we did!!


  3. This is seriously the CUTEST blog post ever written!!! I hope Alphonso decides to write more posts in the future! hahaha


  4. Awwww! this is such a cute post!!!!!
    Hope Alfonso writes more often, I like him better than you I guess 😛 😛


  5. Hi, I love this post, I follow your blog as I am an american with a tamil brahmin (opps haha) and I also have a pug named Enzo who is the cutest. I would recommend you reading this book called the art of racing in the rain, a new york times best seller. That is where we got Enzo’s name. It was written in the point of view of the dog and is so beautifully written.


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